Available Concentrations : Management, HR, Finance and Marketing

ACD's Bachelor Business Administration (BBA) program with optional concentrations provides an opportunity for students who wish to complete a full four-year degree in Dubai. Students first pass their General Education program and certain introductory business subjects during their Freshman and Sophomore years at ACD - followed by detailed upper level business courses in years three and four. A GPA of at least 2.5 is required in order to formally transition into the final two years of the BBA course. Students can graduate in less than four years if they enroll in ACD's ten-week Summer program in addition to the regular Fall and Spring semesters.

Advantages enjoyed by ACD students include:

  • A business program curriculum that is designed to equip students with the skills they will need as future business professionals working in the full range of business enterprises.
  • A twenty-year track record of academic excellence in the UAE.
  • Highly dedicated, experienced faculty.
  • Opportunities for internships that provide valuable experience of working in a real- life business environment before graduating.
  • Competitive fees and a convenient location.
  • Provision of a student visa and support letter.
  • Accommodation and transport facilities.
  • Small classes taught in well-equipped classrooms by very experienced and qualified teachers using modern, interactive teaching techniques.
  • A friendly campus atmosphere that offers a wide range of student activities.
  • Free WIFI Internet
  • Well equipped IT and computer labs
  • A large well stocked library with additional IT resources.
  • A full time American career counselor.

The BBA program at ACD is offered under the auspices of the institution's Business Dept. whose sole focus is on delivering engaging instruction to our students.

Business Department Mission:

To provide a student-focused learning environment through effective teaching supported by close interaction with UAE, regional and international business organizations. These endeavors assist our students in becoming well-prepared, competent and ethical professionals ready to compete in a changing world.

Business Department Objectives:

The main objectives of the Business Department are to:

  • Ensure degree offerings and component coursework reflect the unique requirements of regional business and industry.
  • Educate students to think logically and critically in order to integrate relevant business technology.
  • Ensure an emphasis on creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Engage faculty and staff who will help students develop the capacity to make appropriate business-related decisions in a global environment.


We recognize that faculty and students share responsibility in the learning process. We seek to attract academically qualified students who welcome opportunities to be challenged to achieve high standards. In turn, we emphasize academic and professional achievement in the ACD faculty.

Ultimately, we strive to prepare graduates who possess:

  • Knowledge of contemporary theory and practice in their fields of study.
  • Competency in interpersonal, oral and written communication.
  • Proficiency in analytical thinking, critical analysis, logic, creativity and integrative problem solving.
  • Team-building skills applicable to a diverse workplace.
  • Skills in the use of contemporary information resources and technology.
  • Understanding of global issues.

We provide a learning environment that respects individuals and their uniqueness through:

  • Small classes with predominant coverage by full-time, qualified faculty.
  • Personal access to faculty and staff for academic advising and career counseling.
  • Opportunities for self-development, including student organizations and college-sponsored programs.
  • Internship experiences that help students develop the acumen necessary for smooth transition from their academic pursuits to the world of work.

Business Degree Programs

ACD currently offers a single degree program, Bachelor of Business Administration. This degree is designed to educate students to a standard whereby they will:

  • Function effectively in teams both in leadership and follower roles.
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written business communication skills.
  • Succeed in obtaining entry-level managerial and business positions followed by subsequent advancement in their chosen professions and careers.
  • Become effective leaders and managers able to operate in a competitive, global business environment.
  • Have developed a suitable broad understanding of the components of business so as to be ready to undertake entrepreneurial/start up initiatives and/or to successfully assume the reigns of a family enterprise.

Degree Requirements for an ACD Business Department Bachelor's Degree

The curriculum leading to the ACD Bachelor of Business Administration degree consists of at least 120 credit hours. The student must as part of his/her degree work meet the following requirements:

  • The course distribution requirements outlined below.
  • At least 24 credit hours in the major course of study (now limited to the one approved business degree).
  • At least 42 credit hours of ACD's General Education curriculum.
  • Successful completion of ACD's English Composition I and English Composition II as well as Public Speaking.
  • Earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 as well as a minimum GPA of 2.0 within the chosen major course of study.
  • Complete at least 61 credit hours in residence at ACD.
  • Earn no more than three hours via internships.

ACD General Education Core Curriculum for Bachelor Degree Students - 42 Credit Hours

Department of Business, Common Business Core - 45 Credit Hours

Bachelor of Business Administration Curriculum

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